Besler Bale Loader
Built for demanding use
Move and unroll your bales quickly and efficiently with a Besler Bale Unrolller or Bale Bed. With over 35 years of experience, you can be confident that we build heavy-duty loaders that can handle day to day operation with ease. 
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W W Trailers
Century Livestock
Custom Welding
W W Trailer offers a full line of horse, stock, cargo and utility trailers, available in steel or aluminum. Our trailers have been designed and engineered with the idea of practical usage for equestrian hobbies, ranching, or cargo protection.
Polyethylene is the perfect material for constructing livestock feeders. All stainless steel hardware is used to secure 2" rings to 3" legs. The standard feeder is 8' in diameter and 46' high, and is lightweight, yet very durable.
Other services and products include: custom truck flat beds, calf catchers, gates, calving pens, used truck and farm equipment.
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  • Custom Flat Beds
  • Bale Loader Installation
  • Used Trucks
  • New and Used Trailers
  • In-Line Hay Haulers
  • Calf Catchers
  • Cattle Gates
  • Calving Pens 
  • Custom Welding
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Terex Lift
Creep Feeders

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Used Bale Loaders
Used Trailers For Sale
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2016 6 X 24 Aluminum Stockman with Rubber Floor